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Animal Network
Architectural Art Mfg., Inc.
ATM money machines across the USA
Bicycle Transit Authority
The Blue-Platypus
Match-'em-up Game

Bsy's List of Net Access Coke Machines
Consumer Guide
Best Buys

Country Western Line Dance Links
Craft Diston Industries
Current Weather and Forecasts
Cyber Dorktionary
Cyber Toaster Museum
The Dilbert Zone
Dinosauria Online
Discovery Channel Online
Dry Diving
DVD Rental
Elaines Dolls Dolls Dolls
English to Jive Translator
English to Redneck Translator
English to Scottish Translator
English to Vally Girl Translator
European Anorak Web Page
FBI's 10 most wanted
Federal Express
For Legs and a Tail
Fujifilm Smart City
Funky Dinosaur land
Gamers Place
Gear Finder
Geek Site of The Day
Girls Guide to Geek Guys
Gumbo Pages Guide to
Non-Commercial Radio Stations

Health Ink
Joe Boxer NYC Billboard
KEYN Radio
KZSN Radio
the Laffatorium
Map Quest
The MatchBox
Math Humor
1882 McDowell Wagon Train
Mirsky's Worst of the Web
National Fraud Center
Our Kansas
The Ponderosa Ranch
The Reel Movie Store
The Scotch Whiskey Association
Serious Sports
Sharp Shopper
Southwestern Bell Telephone
Bio's of 60's Swingin Chicks
Ted's Alaska Adventure
Tom's Special Operations Links
United Parcel Service
United States Postal Service
USNO Master Clock Time
Varga Girls 1944
Virtual Flowers
Weather Dude
What is a Geek?
Wichita Photos Online
World Time

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